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Visit Pompei Archaeological Parc, enjoy a timeless Classic, Heritage of Humanity

The Visit of this Archaeological Site of Pompei, is one of those Unmissable Stops, a to do, at least once in a lifetime, the authenticity that emerges from the ruins thanks to such high level of preservation is Absolutely Unique.
On top of being an immense Heritage, testimony of the Ancient City of Pompei one of the most significant proofs of Roman civilization, like an open book, provides outstanding information on the art, customs, trades and everyday life of the past, just like a photograph would do.
The city has re-emerged from the darkness of centuries precisely as it would have been when it was unexpectedly buried in the thick layer of ash and lava poured down from the devastating eruption of Vesuvius. It was the year 79 A.D. The scale of the tragedy was appalling: in what had been one of the most active and splendid Roman centres, life came to a permanent standstill.
The thick layer of volcanic material which submerged it ,has meant that the city has remained intact until the present day, not only as far as its buildings are concerned, but also as regards the contents inside the houses and shops, providing an absolutely fascinating picture of "daily" life. This is what Makes Pompei so unique. But it is not enough, we will reveal it’s beauty with the special value of the Local Guide who will add colour to our visit and explain lots more about this special Open Air Museum

Special Additions:  
- A Very Valid alternative, a visit with a Modern Twist, at your disposal a three-dimensional tour of the ruins, we have named it  a MUTISENSORIAL POMPEI, in other words the chance to visit the excavation using a 3D Viewer , thanks to which , it is possible to immerge yourself into an accurate reconstruction  of how Pompei used to be at the time of Eruption as well as the fascinating ruins , in present times , thanks to the added value of our  Emotional local guide, who will help us imagine , you will be able to appreciate even more  the union between past and present , with the highest respect for  such immense Artistic and cultural Heritage. Really cool and modern way to appreciate the visit further, an added value, please ask us for more information about this.
- Obviously for those “Archaeologic Enthusiasts”,  another perfect combination ,to also appreciate diversity of these Sites, is to combine the visit of Pompei to ERCOLANO (Herculaneum) close bye.


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