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Travel Ideas in Italy

Make Authentic Experiences

Not all trips are the same because each of us experience things through our sensitivity and our nature. This is why we at Fortissimo believe that the best way to travel is only through tailor-made experiences.
Being able to count on a personalized journey, where every emotion is tailored to your needs, means having an experience designed according to who you are, 100% original and unforgettable.

Only a bespoke tour can guarantee you that unique comfort and that innate pleasure of being in the right place at the right time. For over 30 years this is what we’ve been doing, ready every day to listen to you and plan your next trip, the one built entirely on what you want.


Active & Wellness

Trips can be genuine adventures to discover destinations far off the beaten track, which offer us the opportunity to get in touch with the place and the people who host us. What we propose is to get out of the usual tourist experiences, experiencing exciting, absolutely authentic trips, where you can try many activities. You can learn to row like a Venetian gondolier, go trekking on Vesuvius or enjoy unforgettable boat trips in the Gulf of Poets. All accessible and 100% made to measure.

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Food & Wine

Italy is unquestionably the country of good food, so what better way to get to know all its regions fully than by going right from the table? From North to South the peninsula offers an infinite variety of traditions and typical dishes to be tasted. We will lead you well on your way towards discover the Italian food and wine excellences in exciting, mouth-watering tours. You can take a delicious tour of the pastry shops of Positano, discover the specialties of the Lazio Street Food, delight the palate with chocolate experiences in Perugia, or visit a vinegar factory in Modena tasting its excellent and famous products. All accessible and 100% made to measure.

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Artistic / Cultural

The rich artistic and cultural heritage in Italy has no equal, so much so that the peninsula can be called a real open-air museum. Starting from the big cities of art to arriving in places less traveled by mass tourism, we will take you on a journey to rediscover the Italian heritage. Pleasant guided tours walking through the streets of Florence or Venice, admiring Rome through an itinerant and dynamic visit, or discover the Street Art of Milan in the company of an expert guide, observing ancient and modern. All accessible and 100% made to measure.

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Sport Events

When you really love your favorite team, you’d want to follow it everywhere, to support it and experience all the magical emotions that come with it. We at Fortissimo also love sports, which is why we organize personalized trips in relation to sporting events. Thanks to our services you can support your away team or participate in the sporting event you love most, transforming the occasion into a pleasant holiday. We are always ready to meet your requests, studying and organizing tailor-made logistics plans, combining tours and activities to relax when the team is not on the pitch. Thanks to our experience we can offer a personalized service of the highest level for any sporting event in Italy, guaranteeing a stay full of sports but also of many unforgettable activities. All accessible and 100% made to measure.

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A solidarity trip or otherwise called " Voluntourism” allows us to combine the pleasure of a holiday with the opportunity to help the communities or the natural environment that hosts us. Volunteering and Tourism merge together, giving rise to "volunteering holidays" in which the basic idea is unquestionably noble: to help others and the environment while traveling. Dedicating the time of our holidays and our energies to making a difference and giving support to the environment is something that enriches us inside. For this reason, we at Fortissimo are prepared to organize your voluntourism experience, where you can, for example, embark with expert staff on a trip to clean the sea from plastic pollution, or join the fight to protect the beaches. All accessible and 100% made to measure.

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