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Unique journey inside the world of Marble Quarries still in use today

Let’s discover together where Marble comes from! this is a real unique experience, only possible thanks to the local environmental guide & safety expert, who will take us inside a real, Still in use, White Marble Quarries, just outside the city of Carrara.
Through this journey, we will learn where and how Marble is extracted, we will be driving inside the quarry, with 4x4 vehicles and special protective helmets in total safety.
In some ways adventurous & educational at same time, to understand what has been the importance of this industry in history and for the local community, the potential this material holds, since ancient times and reflection on economy. It is striking to any visitor, who buys into this experience, to acknowledge where the famous white marble we see around the world, originates from, and the journey this material goes through to then be shaped into statues, columns, used to create some of the most famous Master pieces worldwide! This excursion is more of an educational experience, we “re-dimension“ ourselves to appreciate and realize how tiny we are when we look at these mountains.

Special additions:
-For food lovers, not far from the city of Carrara, there is a small town called COLONNATA, home to a gourmet product, so called COLONNATA HAM (LARDO DI COLONNATA) aged and seasoned in Marble containers. We highly recommend to combine the visit of the Marble Quarries to a lunch to taste this as well as other typical products of this area. Please contact us for more details.


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