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Rome & La Dolce Vita

Magnificent Passeggiata through Rome’s most iconic sites learning about La Dolce Vita

With this Magic journey into a different Era, the aim is to show visitors another side of Rome, a city where Art, Cinema and Taste blend together and take you on a journey in the heart of the Roman Dolce Vita. We enjoy a very pleasant Passeggiata, follow a route through the most iconic spots learning as we go, about their role in the City’s history ,visiting  those most famous squares & streets , like Via Vittorio Veneto upper middle class neighbourhood ,where luxury hotels and fashion boutiques are , where literates & Movie celebrities used to hang out sipping a coffee or a glass of wine  …where you still have the impression to see Marcello Mastroianni or Sofia Loren walking next to you today....
Piazza Barberini, with it’s Triton Fountain creation of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, representing Neptune, the God of Water, then Piazza del Quirinale, Trevi Fountain to learn all about the famous scene from the Movie,La Dolce Vita,by Federico Fellini, when Anita Ekberg wearing a long black dress dive’s into the fountain, a real Romantic Italian Cult movie of the sixties, thanks to which this corner of Rome, has become one the most famous.
Our journey through Rome’s most iconic sites could not miss the Pantheon, a masterpiece, a Roman Temple dedicated to the Gods of Mount Olympus.. and more roman Beauties to follow, Spanish Steps, Navona Square… one after the other, with the unmissable company and explanation of our special local guide.

Special Additions:
Like many other activities this one can easily be combined to more classic tours of the city or other more food orientated ones, there is time to do everything in Rome!
Another idea could be to mix and match this tour with some Food stops, to combine local culture & taste into one unique experience.
We will be more than happy to suggest if you contact us .

Rome & La Dolce Vita

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