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The Arno River

Gently along the Arno River

Tourism & Travel also mean enriching ourselves by observing and absorbing the beauty of what we see and we visit from a different perspective, to fully benefit from all that a site has to offer us. Even playing to be visitors of our own native city can be a real discovery, simply taking a different look at it, not always we need to travel far to discover more! This experience offers a unique way of visiting Florence at a gentle pace, rowing along it’s river and appreciating what an important role it had and still has for the history of the city itself. As well as admiring some of it’s beauties from a different point of view, accompanied by the slow and gentle movement of it’s waters.
We will be starting our tour  by foot,  stopping at some very interesting and less known sites let’s call it, Urban Trekking , but very very easy and adaptable to all needs , our walk will be followed by a journey along the river hosted by the historical rowers  association, a true and authentic experience,  with boats that were used once upon a time for river dredging, nowadays for touristic use.
During our active yet relaxing journey along the river, we will be sipping a glass of red Chianti wine.
If you already have been to Florence and you have ticked  all of the basic boxes, then you are most definitely ready to discover more! 6 kilometres total, observing Florence from above and below it’s gravity centre, the River!

Special Additions:
Naturally being this a very unique product, it is super easy to combine it to  a more classical tour of the city in order to benefit from a complete 360° visit, as well as other additions, like our Food tour on same evening, whilst you enjoy some shopping time and museums during the day.
Contact us to enquire and we will be happy to suggest!

The Arno River

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