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walking through Florence discover all about Gelato and it’s secrets

When you say Gelato, without any doubt you think of Italy!
This experience is a full immersion into the world of Gelato, we will be taken on a journey to discover it’s origins, with our local expert and guide in the city of Florence. Did you know that this creamy delicious sweet in it’s modern recipe using cream, milk and egg for the first time, was born in Florence?
Come and join this tour to discover all about the secrets behind making good Gelato, we will be starting off with visiting a production laboratory followed by a few tastings of course, whilst our guide will explain about the original first recipes through to more modern ones ,the importance of the use of  fresh products in season to obtain best quality results, our guide will tell us about Mr Buontalenti and the arrival of Sorbet at Court, back in the 15th century and how production was modernized and developed through centuries into what today we call Gelato, it’s current versions, the many different existent flavours, some of which quite eccentric ! All of this we will learn as we, TASTE, TASTE AND TASTE ! During our passeggiata we will be stopping in 2 different production labs to discover secret ingredients used by the Master ice Cream Makers, can’t miss out on this experience, we can operate this all years round, there is no specific season, Gelato is always enjoyable, under the rain, when cold, or when very warm.

Special Additions:

the special addition to implement this Gelato tour & Tasting experience is a Gelato Class, during which we learn how to prepare our own in a school with a Master Ice Cream Maker assisting us! feel free to contact us to discover more about this we will be very happy to assist


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