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Fountains of Rome

Visit the Eternal city of Rome through it’s magnificent Fountains

Did you know that Rome has over 2000 fountains in all?? more than any other city in the world: 50 monumental fountains, hundreds of smaller fountains and thousands of Nasoni (big noses), supplying citizens and tourists with free drinking water.
Rome has a very very important Water System since Ancient times, it used to have 59 aqueducts! Through this experience you will get to enjoy a lovely Water Themed  Passeggiata, lean the connections between ancient Rome and  their ability  in projecting  complex Water systems as well as  some of these still in use today . With this tour we will discover all of it’s fountains, those Worldwide monumental and iconic ones like Trevi, the 4 Rivers in Navona Square, the Turtles, the Barcaccia (Spanish Steps), designed by Bernini …but not only.. we will in depth discover all about the less famous ones: “Noses”,(Nasoni), big nose in Italian , some of them very funny…What are they ? And what is their use?  Our local guide will tell us all about them ! On this theme there is so much to see and learn about in a city like Rome, that you cannot miss out ! Last but not the least, we will further more discover what is hidden underground also, by  the Trevi Fountain, a secret and still unspoiled beauty …the Vicus Caprarius ..come learn what it’s all about !
Our tour includes a fully dedicated local guide and 3 hours walk through the history of the Fountains of Rome.

Special Additions:

Like many other activities this one can easily be combined to more classic tours of the city or other more food orientated ones.. there is time to do everything in Rome! We will be more than happy to suggest if you contact us.

Fountains of Rome

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