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The beauty of Naples, below surface, discover a new city!

Naples has such a rich heritage that you wouldn’t know where to start from to list out so many unique spots, but we are 100% you have never seen anything like this before! Naples is one of the clearest examples of cities where history can be traced through its “Layers”, the past and the present city are not separated by millennia but metres of soil under the ground. Forty meters below the characteristic and lively streets of the Historic Centre of Naples, you find a different and unexplored world, isolated by time, but deeply connected with the world above. It’s the place from which the city was born. Every historic epic, from the foundation of Neapolis, to the bombs of WWII, has left it’s mark on the walls of the yellow tufa stone, the soul of Naples, the stone with which the city was built, very few know the underground reality of the city. Naples Underground is a journey through 2,400 years of history, from the ancient Greeks to modern times, unveiling the “womb” of Naples from an archaeological, historical, anthropological and geological point of view. The perfect combination in our view to complete the underground visit of the city is to also check out the San Gennaro Catacombs, 100steps under surface, to discover the close bond of faith between the city and its patron saint, San Gennaro. The past is not placed in a glass case or forgotten, but peeps out in some parts of the present-day city.

The original nucleus of the Catacombs of San Gennaro dates back to the 2nd century AD. won’t reveal more than this for the moment, leaving you to come discover them yourself! Let us take you on this journey under the surface with our local guide.


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