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Naples has such a rich heritage that it is so difficult to choose amongst so many different and unique beauties; we have selected our favourite to mix in a combination of Art, food, History, Culture and local folklore, as if each one was a single ingredient to create a super gourmet dish to serve ,a great tour of the city’s most representative sites!! Everyone has heard about Mount Vesuvius, Pompei Ruins, Pizza, but the city of Naples, Is so much more…a fascinating Mediterranean Venus, Naples is: Real, authentic, welcoming, so are the Neapolitans!! On our tour we will be using all 5 senses ..let’s start from one of the most famous and impressive works of art in the world... in San Severo Chapel, The Veiled Christ (Italian: Cristo velato) is a 1753 marble sculpture by Giuseppe Sammartino, in front of this art piece, whatever our beliefs and our religion are , we cannot fail to be amazed . A few steps away from this small church, a Bar that is also a piece of history, with a funny difficult to pronounce name ,where coffee and Sfogliatella ( sweet pastry) are a Must , we will certainly not back off from trying this experience after feeding our eyes , it’s time to feed our palate now…then straight into the most entertaining and authentic  lively area of Naples called Spaccanapoli  ..where your only desire will be to “Instagram“ every corner! it is a 2 Km straight and narrow pedestrian street that crosses its historic centre ; it literally means "Naples splitter"... here you will find shops who sell the most famous nativity scene ceramic figures, a funny corner dedicated to an idol for  AC Naples supporters, Argentinian  footballer Diego Armando Maradona ,who played for AC Naples in the 80s..  you could say that he is almost like the city’s second Patron Saint !! Here we will stop to taste a slice of famous “Pizza Wallet”, a yummy slice of Pizza folded onto itself simply the best ! We continue onto to Naples Castle, close to the waterfront, Umberto I Gallery  enjoying our passeggiata hearing all about Naples and it’s traditions from our local guide ..last but not least out visit will end with a sweet touch.. we will stop to taste the King of Neapolitans Sunday Desserts: Mr Rum Baba’, at a coffee place next to one of the most beautiful squares in the world: Piazza del Plebiscito! Our tour includes all that we have mentioned, the food stops, local guide’s time with us, last but not least the great passion and love for our country that motivates us every day!


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