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Enjoy a Lovely Panoramic Hike on the Blue Island with Unique Views!!!

If you have allowed yourself and entire day to dedicate to Capri, then you will easily be able to include this experience in your list of Must do’s.
Before or after the Island Boat cruise, leaving yourselves free time to simply wonder around and explore …we highly suggest that you take part to a different but yet again unforgettable visit of Capri, to fully appreciate  the unexpected; it’s breath taking multiple panoramas.
With the company of our special Nature & Environmental Focused Guide , who knows every corner of the island as well as every plant that grows here, we will take you on a Easy Hike, don’t need to be an expert walker to do this, a beautiful passeggiata to discover how wonderful  peaceful and poetic Capri can get, only a few metres away from the Hustle and Bustle of the Main Piazza.
You will need 2 and half hours to make the most of this unique experience, to see Capri with the eyes of those who live there.
Our passeggiata will consist in leaving the Main Piazza behind us and heading off to the upper part, wearing comfortable shoes, we will feed our eyes with Spectacular views, unforgettable photos for those Instagram lovers and will encounter a very peaceful harmonic environment around us, where the locals meet for a coffee and live their normal daily routines, surrounded by Nature on every side, to enjoy what she has to offer with all our senses.
This walk is versatile, it has the ability to please everyone, based on our level of curiosity, appetite or desire, we can stop for some tastings on the way, enjoy a coffee sitting in a bar looking at the horizon! We will be reaching the Astarita Park at the top and Once our senses will feel satisfied, we will start to descend back into the Main Centre.

Special Addition:
The perfect combination in our view to leave this island having seen all it’s beauties, is to combine the Panoramic Capri Walk to the Boat Island cruise... still leaving yourselves some free time to simply explore or relax at your own pace. If interested, we suggest that you contact us for advice, on what order to book you in for these activities, based on season, weather conditions and time of the day, we will be more than happy to suggest how to enjoy them at their best.


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