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Visit a real Lemon Farm, to discover all about the world of Amalfi Lemons!

This is a true authentic experience in the real World of Amalfi Lemons, everything you didn’t know and would like to about this Yellow juicy fruit!  Join us  to visit  a Family Farm, 5th generation, a few steps away from the Centre of Amalfi, you will learn  all about  a very interesting world, a very tiring job , you will be shown how lemons where grown when Men did not have technology  right through to modern times, will be walking through the Lemon Groves and our guide will explain all about the famous Amalfi Lemon, so called Sfusato Amalfitano, very large, with a think rind. This type of Lemon is in fact a protected geographical indication ingredient. During the visit, the Host will explain various phases of the picking and all of it’s precious uses, in kitchen talking about a few yummy recipes we can all easily replicate at home and in health to disinfect and strengthen our immune system...Lemon is so powerful and offers so many different uses!! There is no Limoncello without Lemons though! Naturally enough the Farm also have their own Limoncello factory, and will show us how this Lemon Based famous Italian Liquor is prepared. Last but not least our visit could not possibly end without a relaxing stop on the Farm’s terrace overlooking Amalfi, to farewell each other with some freshly squeezed homemade lemonade and a slice of  Lemon Cake from the family's recipe book!

Special additions :
Amalfi Is a charming sea front City , lots to enjoy, sunshine, fresh fish, lovely sweets ..but if you are curious to take part to another Nature themed experience, in e less known area ..please do contact us, we have very good advice to provide and some great suggestions, Like our Excursion in the Old Mills Valley, contact us to find out more about it.


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